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The quick, painless solution for health communication.

Synaptek’s practice management software streamlines and enhances the conversation between patients, providers, and office assistants. Our innovative, comprehensive communication portal allows you to focus on what’s most critical: your patients.

What Synaptek Does for You

We streamline your communications.

Synaptek transforms your EMR from an "electronic paper chart" into a powerful clinical tool that will improve quality of care and patient experiences.

We can improve your bottom line.

Synaptek is the most cost-effective health communication solution in Canada, allowing you to decrease overhead and increase revenue.

We ensure your data is secure.

With Synaptek, your communications are PIPEDA compliant, stored entirely within Canadian borders, and protected with bank-grade security.

We help you provide peace of mind.

Synaptek saves office assistants time, improves workflow, delivers unequaled access, and enhances job satisfaction by automating repetitive communication tasks.

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