At Synaptek, we are both providers and consumers of healthcare services. Advancements in technology have allowed us to change and improve healthcare delivery.  We are patient-centric and devoted to providing a connected healthcare experience that improves patient health outcomes.

​Healthcare Anywhere

​Digital transformation of healthcare allows for efficient and cost-effective healthcare service delivery. Patient and health professional connections are available through telemedicine, a secure messaging and communication platform, onsite and offsite services, and a shared patient health diary.

​Patient Satisfaction

​Patient satisfaction is important to us! Our clinical and technological expertise enables us to drive patient engagement and satisfaction, and to improve health outcomes.

​Access to Healthcare

​Traditional healthcare systems can make it difficult to find doctors and other healthcare providers, schedule appointments and access care. We draw on our user experience, engineering expertise, data, and artificial intelligence to build a digital platform that allow patients to interface with their providers and better access and manage their healthcare.