Sundren Govender, MD, CCFP

CEO and Founder

Physician-entrepreneur, Dr. Sundren Govender, earned an MBChB from the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine in 1997 and his CFPC Certification in Family Medicine in 2002. He has practiced Family and Emergency Medicine in both urban and rural communities in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Canada, and is currently a partner at Jubilee Physicians and a Transport Canada Medical Examiner in Victoria, British Columbia.

In addition, Dr. Govender serves as a Clinical Instructor at the University of British Columbia’s Department of Family Medicine and is an examiner for the Medical Council of Canada as well as the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

His passion for practice efficiency and health innovation led to a synergistic partnership with Paul Lechner. They are both committed to enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of care through technology, with the goal of improving health outcomes.


Paul Lechner

COO and Co-Founder

As COO, Paul Lechner is responsible for driving the product direction, implementation and marketing strategy for Synaptek. Paul is a highly customer-centric executive with numerous successes in creating and growing market-leading products. His 20 years of technology industry experience spans the enterprise and consumer technology spectrum, ranging from banking & investment systems to consumer based utility and security solutions.

Paul earned a BBA in Management Information Systems from the University of St. Thomas and holds product management and marketing certifications from the Association of International Product Managers and Marketers (AIPMM).

His passion for improving customer outcomes through technology resulted in a collaboration with Dr. Sundren Govender to revolutionize the Canadian medical technology communications industry with the launch of Synaptek.


Kevin Jackson


After spending the last five years creating software solutions for technology companies and local businesses, Kevin Jackson has joined Synaptek with the intent to improve healthcare by reducing friction between medical practitioners and their patients. Whether it was as a software developer, project manager, or IT consultant, Kevin has played an instrumental role in the success of businesses across Vancouver Island.

Kevin believes that companies should care about more than just the bottom line, and he takes a user-centric approach to designing and building great software. His experience developing, managing, and consulting on a wide array of software projects helps Synaptek deliver cutting-edge technology that aims to revolutionize Canada’s medical software industry.

David Attwell, MD, CCFP


The role of CMA is evolving as both the public and the broader medical community look for IT companies to apply more ethical and scientific rigour to decision making.

Since qualifying as a Family Physician in 1993, Dr Attwell has served as Chair of the Doctors of British Columbia Statutory Negotiations Committee and the Negotiations Coordinating Group; Practice Audits, Investigations and Physician Competency Evaluations for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia; Member of the Electronic Medical Records/Information Technology Committee of the Victoria Division of Family Practice; Member of the BC Medical Association Council on Health Economics and Policy; Member of the Physicians Information and Technology Office (PITO) requirements and evaluations team for BC Provincial EMR procurement; Co-Chair of the British Columbia General Practices Services Committee; Member of the British Columbia Medical Association Statutory Negotiating Committee and was President of the Society of General Practitioners of British Columbia in 2000-2001.

As such, Dr Attwell brings a unique lens and is credibly independent to meet two primary objectives: making the voice of the patient heard at the highest levels of the organization and guiding software development by ensuring Synaptek is forward compliant with Canadian healthcare rules and regulations as its Chief Medical Advisor.

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