Implementing Synaptek enables your practice to:

  • Prevent  no-shows
  • Encourage compliance
  • Measure response to treatment
  • Identify and address problem areas

With Synaptek handling your health communications, you can:

  • Increase revenue and decrease costs
  • Reduce paperwork and increase data security
  • Access your practice from anywhere at any time
  • Enhance your patients’ quality of care and experience

We offer communication tools for healthcare practices of all types.

Whether you’re in a solo-practice or a large health organization, Synaptek can be implemented into any professional healthcare practice, including the following:

Synaptek also benefits your office assistants

Reduce the burden of repetitive tasks on your office assistant and you reduce the risk of staff burnout and turnover. With Synaptek as your “virtual” office assistant, you can reduce their workload by 30%!

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