• New revenue stream
  • Grow your practice on your terms
  • Serve the public by improving access to care
  • Never lose track of patients seeking your care

With an online new patient recruitment landing page, you can strengthen and expand your reach. Synaptek’s Virtual Waitlist allows potential new patients to complete intake forms online whenever it is convenient for them and ensures you never lose track of patients seeking your care. Whether you are looking to redesign your current practice or establish a new practice, Synaptek will help you execute your marketing objectives with new or expanded presence for advertising and branding your practice. Now you can acquire new patients that meet your professional and practice growth needs, without overwhelming yourself or your office assistants. Redirecting potential new patients to this site means that you can be assured they are receiving a customizable and consistent practice branding and policy messaging. If your marketing efforts aren’t getting you the results you are looking for, a Virtual Waitlist can set you apart from your competitors!


We can help you acquire new patients with :

  • A “New-patient Enrollment” landing page
  • Seamless online self-scheduling software
  • Uniform and consistent brand messaging
  • Advertising your areas of interest
  • Posting your practice policies

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