•  Minimize no-shows by 90%
  •  Expand clinic hours without staff
  •  Decrease front-office workload by 40%
  •  Improve your revenue stream and past due payment collection 

Deliver reminder communications based on your patients’ preference, either through voice, text or email. Missed appointments are an avoidable cost and resource inefficiency that impacts the health of patients and treatment outcomes. With Synaptek’s escalating appointment reminders you can reduce no-shows, improve recovery of no-show fees by 90% and keep your staff focused on high-value activities, rather than chasing down patients. Create customized or template-driven messages, ensuring they are both personal and informative.


We help simplify communications for :

  • Appointment reminders
  • Recalls
  • Mass patient notifications
  • Follow-up notifications
  • Billing reminders
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Program promotions
  • Preparation instructions
  • Re-enrollment


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