• Improves patient satisfaction
  • Recapture lost time of staff and health-care providers
  • Promotes continuous and co-ordinated patient-centred care
  • Save money by eco-friendly delivery of important information quickly, easily and securely 

Synaptek’s patient management software allows healthcare providers to keep patients better informed and more active members of their care team. As with regular email, our secure messaging service is convenient, easy-to-use, and eliminates the time wasted playing phone tag with patients. The built-in workflow and control features are designed for a clinic environment, ensuring more efficient health communications. The difference is that unlike regular email, Synaptek provides a fully PIPEDA compliant platform, that strictly adheres to the unique data residency and privacy laws of Canada.

Exceptional service goes far beyond a patient’s appointment; it ensures the quality of their experience after their consult with you. Providing follow-up care, requesting feedback regarding patient satisfaction, and offering other services can create a more positive experience. These added personal touches can also identify potential areas for professional improvement, facilitating your practice’s effort to continually provide the best service.


We can help you with :

  • A secure practice email account
  • Ability to send PDF’s, documents, requisition forms, prescriptions and images
  • Ensuring your communications are PIPEDA compliant
  • Instant individual or bulk messaging
  • Confidential patient access to their core medical records
  • Singular or repetitive messaging for specific groups of patients


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